Immediate Dentures in Fort Pierce

Immediate Dentures | Ricard Family DentistryLosing most or all of your teeth is a very stressful occurrence. If you are facing this yourself, you may wonder about your options and whether you will have to go for a period of time with no teeth at all while you wait for dentures to be fitted.

The good news is that there immediate dentures are available, and you can be fitted even before some or all of your teeth have been removed. With immediate dentures from Dr. Arturo Ricard and the staff at Ricard Family Dentistry in Port St. Lucie, you can be back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

The Process for Immediate Dentures

The process for immediate dentures starts with taking an impression of the patient’s existing teeth and bite. This information will be shared with the technician who will be creating the dentures.

When your teeth are extracted, the newly created dentures will be placed immediately after the procedure. You will be asked to leave the dentures in afterward for a full 24 hours to help minimize bleeding and to control swelling and inflammation.

Key Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures offer one primary benefit for patients: There is no need for you to be without teeth for a period of time while your gums heal.

Because immediate dentures are placed immediately after your natural teeth are removed, you will leave the office after the procedure with your dentures in place. Another benefit is that it is much easier to duplicate the shape and arrangement of your teeth while they are still in your mouth.

Speech patterns following immediate dentures are also easier to establish since you will not have to “learn” to speak without dentures and then “re-learn” the process once your dentures are placed weeks afterward. With immediate dentures, you will learn your new speech pattern right away. You will gain the same advantage in adjusting your chewing so eating will be easier sooner rather than later.

Other advantages include the benefit of less bone resorption because the jaw bone is instantly stimulated with the denture being put into place. In addition, adjustments can be easily made to the dentures as the gums shrink slightly over time.

What to Expect with Immediate Dentures

Patients undergoing this procedure can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile the same day. If you are like most patients, getting immediate dentures gives you more self-confidence and improves your overall quality of life. You will find it fairly easy to maintain good oral hygiene with immediate dentures, and you can look forward to lasting results.

Learn more about immediate dentures and whether they are right for you by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Ricard and Ricard Family Dentistry in Fort Pierce today!